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Katia Keshishian started Pilates as a hobby in 2002 in Zagreb under Asia Peterson. Given her dance background (ballet, jazz) she learnt Pilates fast and trained regularly with Asia until she decided to do her certification herself. In 2004, Katia chose to return Montreal, Canada (where she is from) and trained intensively in classical Pilates under Thérèse Desrosiers (Certified Pilates Instructor in 1998 under Romana Kryzanowski, and Master Teacher Trainer with PSC). After a year of teacher training in all apparatus (Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Barrel) and Matwork, Katia received her pilates certification and returned to Zagreb where she taught at Asia Peterson’s studio. She then moved to Split to raise a family, but did continuing education in Pilates with Thérèse whenever visiting Montreal. Katia recently moved back to Zagreb and has started teaching Pilates again, both privates on apparatus and group Mat classes.

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