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Eleonora Faber was born in Zagreb, Croatian in 1991. After finishing high school at the XVIII. School for Languages and the School of Classical Ballet at the age of 16, she attended classes at "Komedija" Theater. In 2012 she started to work at the Music School "Franje Kuhač" in Osijek and the School of Arts in Beli Manastir, teaching classical ballet in the contemporary dance division. In 2013 she began her ballet pedagogy studies at the Academy of Theatre Arts in Zagreb. 


During her studies, she worked in a private Pilates and ballet studio until 2016, when she got a job at Silvija Hercigonja School of Ballet and Rhythmics, teaching classical ballet and historical dances to ballet and contemporary dance students. From 2016 through 2019 she worked as a ballet teacher at the School of Contemporry Dance “Ana Maletić" as well at Liberdance until 2017. In 2019 she got a BA degree in Ballet Pedagogy. 


She frequently attends all kind of national and international seminars and workshops for dance teachers to broaden her knowledge. She is currently working at Silvija Hercigonja School of Ballet and Rhythmics and DanzArt studio teaching classical ballet, character dance, streching and Pilates for adults

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