In order to promote proper classroom etiquette and for being dance a discipline that requires ease of movement and a degree of decorum, adequate dance attire is required for classes. Wearing the proper clothing and footwear provides safety and allows the teacher to see the dancer's proper placement and make the required corrections safely. For said purposes, all students are encouraged to observe the following safety rules:


  • Correct footwear should always be worn to avoid risk of injury.

  • No loose or baggy clothes (including T-shirts) should be worn in dance classes, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Large jewelry may not be worn in dance classes as it can be a distraction and poses a potential danger.

  • For the safety of all dancers, eyeglasses must be attached with a sports strap.

  • Dance shoes cannot be worn outdoors as this tracks dirt into the studio and is detrimental to the studio floors.

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