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In line with its philosophy and mission, DanzArt’s dance and fitness programs are based on ballet fundamentals and technique to teach children, youngsters and adults the meaning, joy and fulfillment that derives from commitment and hard work in the context of a beautiful form of art, with specifically designed classes to increase technical skills, stamina, and discipline that is appropriate for the student’s age and level.

* See also Some facts about Ballet and The value of Ballet to all types of dancers in USEFUL NOTES.


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1.1 Tiny ballerinas ( ages 4-6 ) 

1.2  A Ballert discovery (  ages 7-9 )  

1.3 Junior Ballet   (ages10-13 ) 


2.TEEN & ADULT DANCE PROGRAMS (14+ – No upper age limit)

2.1 BALLETIC PROGRAMS (Ages 14+ – No upper age limit)  

- Recreational Ballet

- Vitality Ballet (adapted ballet for +40 )

- Ballet fundamental (Introductory Ballet for Absolute Beginners)

- Discovering Ballet (Ballet Basics for the Novice

- Ballet II (Beginner / Advanced Beginner Level

-  Ballet III (Advanced Beginner / Intermediate Level  

- Ballet IV (Intermediate / Advanced Level)

2.1.2  Pointe work foundation (Pre-Pointe)

2.1.3  Into the pointe (beginner level)

2.1.4  Pointe technique (Advanced beginner – Intermediate Level)

2.1.5  Repertoire (Choreography)

2.1.6  Character dance

2.1.7  Neoclassical ballet

2.1.8  Private Coaching and Audition Preparation Classes


3.TEEN & ADULT FITNESS PROGRAMS (Ages 14+ – No upper age limit)

3.1  Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

3.2  Barre à terre (Floor Barre Technique) 

3.3  Flex-ability (Dynamic Stretching Technique)

3.4  Balet Fit 

3.5  Pilates


Ballet is taught as a practice comprised of "positions" and traditional steps set to music, which almost anyone can start out learning to do and marks the beginning of body awareness, muscular control, and powerful, poised, physical deportment. Ballet is both a challenging and fulfilling body discipline that develops coordination and mental acuity as well as an ear for music and the joy inherent in responding physically to it.

Unlike many forms of dance styles or fitness programs, ballet is a complete training involving the body, mind and creative expression of the individual; an art form and a discipline where the dancer can immerse in the beauty of the music and enter another world.

DanzArt´s Balletic Program is specifically designed to fulfill the varied needs of our students, regardless of their age, genre, physique or dancing skills, providing something for everyone, from beginners to advanced, in a friendly, supportive, and enjoyable atmosphere to experience the sheer pleasure of dance.



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