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Miruna Miciu was born in 1991 in Bucharest, Romania. She started practicing ballet at the age of 5 and when she was 13 years old she enrolled in the Ballet Academy of Bucharest. At the age of 16, while still studying at the ballet school, she started to dance as part of the Romanian National Ballet Company. In 2010 she moved to Croatia to join the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. In 2016 she was promoted as first soloist and in 2019 as principal dancer, performing up to date various solo and main roles, including Juliet in Patrice Bart's "Romeo and Juliet", Odette/Odile in "Swan Lake" and Klara in "The Nutcracker" both in Vladimir Malakhov's choreography. 

During her free time in the theater she works as a model. She highly enjoys teaching and little things in life, like a good coffee or a well-played piece of classical music.

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