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So far I have tried different types of exercise, but ballet is 2 in 1: therapy for body and soul.

-Atiđa Selmani (33), Croatia

Za mene je sat baleta najbolji dio dana, vrijeme potpune sreće i ispunjenja. Na svakom satu dajem apsolutno sve od sebe, kao i moje kolegice i profesorica Irene koja nas korigira i potiče da napredujemo.

-Iva Kušan (56), arhitektica, učenica baleta i fitnessa, Hrvatska

In the very short period since his arrival at the studio, progress has been apparent. All this would not have been possible without professional guidance, a comfortable and warm positive atmosphere, and an international, non-competitive and stimulating environment, which all together makes every student feel like they are in a little real dance paradise!

-Ivana Bozanić, Croatia

The first thought of ballet as a physical activity is often something abstract, elusive and incredible. After the first hour of dance, the students of the DanzArt Dance Studio become part of the DanzArt family, which supports everyone to become even better, who regularly hang out outside dance classes.

-Dijana Mamić (30), Croatia

I'm attending ballet class for beginners. Ballet is a dream since my childhood, but I was always afraid to try and I had never imagined that I would learn ballet in a foreign country until I met DanzArt. So first of all I'm very grateful that DanzArt brought ballet to my life. The course is very well designed and the class atmosphere is quite positive with a lot of fun. Teaching is brilliant. Irene always correcting me when necessary with lots of patience and giving compliments when I get improved. Irene keeps the pace of each class very well, so I feel challenged and motivated at the same time. It's not just to enjoy dancing and workout, but also good for training concentration and memory. It is a highly enjoyable experience to learn ballet dancing with DanzArt, and I heartily recommend you to join us!

I have never been in such a quality ballet studio in Zagreb. Their priority is to teach students how to dance and enjoy dancing... What amazes me most is how fully dedicated teachers are to helping students learn and improve their dancing skills and the commitment and energy they exhibit while explaining and teaching... They put in a lot of effort and you can notice it from the moment you walk in the studio... You progress really fast and every second of the class makes you a better dancer..

Bruna Gavranović, Ballet student, Croatia

Guan Wang (27), Ballet student, China

A few months ago I started ballet at DanzArt studio. I never did ballet in my life before, just practiced Taekwondo for more than 10 years. I came to DanzArt because a friend of mine recommended the studio and also because I wanted to do some sport again. One ballet class was sufficient to start dancing.
I would recommend to anybody this combination of hanging out, anti-stress therapy and good workout!

After the first hour I thought I would never dance, but as the days and months went by I was amazed at my progress. My body has completely transformed and my posture has improved. The atmosphere at the clocks is beautiful and we have all become one small family. ”

-Josipa Kedmenec, Croatia

Ivana Krmpotić, Ballet student, Croatia


It's amazing how these seemingly simple exercises that we perform in ballet classes bring you shape, build muscle, increase concentration and improve posture and mood

-Maja Kušan (28), Croatia

The doors of DanzArt Studio are like the wooden closet from the Chronicles of Narnia. Once you come in you get immerse in a fairytale and you don't want to get back to the real world anymore.

-Jozo Kraljević, Croatia

I 've joined DanzArt since May of 2016, and I have fallen in love with dance, particularly ballet. It took one moment, a choice to let my guard down and try something outside of my comfort zone, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The instructors at DanzArt are kind hearted and dedicated to their students. Their passion is reflected in their dancers. DanzArt is my home, my place to be free, to work on myself in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to pursue a new passion. It's a place where I can be a new me, a better me. I thank DanzArt from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity to expose a graceful, more elegant side in me that I never knew existed. I recommend DanzArt to everyone, no matter the age, gender, experience, etc. Come to DanzArt, you will be welcomed with open arms in our family of dancers.

Eva Crnković, Ballet, Dance Kinetics, Body-Barre student, Canada

I never dreamed that I would start dancing ballet as an adult, but it happened. And DanzArt was the best place I could have chosen to do so. All teachers are wonderful educators and dancers themselves and the choice of classes is plenty. It allows me to create my own dance schedule that can fit into my obligation-packed daily routine. I love dancing at DanzArt. But what I love the most is the feeling of warmth and family I get every time I walk through the door and see Irene’s smiling face.

Tajana Belina, Ballet, Dance Kinetics student, Croatia.

It surprised me how quickly I fell in love with this incredibly difficult ballet challenge. What I fell in love with is that ballet requires so much to be present in the moment and movement that it is impossible to think of anything else.

Anita Budak, Body-Barre student, Ballet student, Croatia

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