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Irene Kuzatko


Born in Caracas, Venezuela, to Croatian parents, Irene began dancing at the age of three and was trained by some of the most prestigious ballet teachers in Venezuela, such as Irina Ivanova, Rafael Portillo, Nina Novak, Keyla Ermecheo, Vladimir Lopoukhov, and Vicente Abad, among many others. Through her teenage years she became entirely dedicated to ballet, but at the age of 18 she decided to pursue other interests, obtaining a BA degree in Translation and Interpretation in Spanish, English, and French from the Central University of Venezuela, the country’s most renowned university. Years later she obtained another degree, this time as Lawyer, graduating with Honors from the same Alma Mater, and thereafter two Master Degrees in Family and Children Law and Procedure Law. Nevertheless, during her studies and professional career both as translator and lawyer, her love and joy for dancing never faded and she managed to combine her professional life with ballet practice and for over 12 years she taught ballet and jazz to children and teenagers in Caracas.

In 2012 she decided to move with her family to Zagreb and to pursue her dream of running a dance studio, so as to recreate her magnificent experience of teaching ballet and make true her desire to share and make the magic of dance accessible to everyone, even to children and youngsters with special needs. With this goal in mind, more recently (2014) she obtained a Specialization Degree in Teaching Fundamentals and completed several certification programs in Ballet Teaching Techniques: Progressing Ballet Techique (PBT), Psycho Ballet (La Havana, Cuba), Schlachte™ Method for Children with Special Needs (Los Angeles, California). 

Dance has been a huge part of Irene’s life and, since her own growth as an individual came from the world of ballet, she looks forward to sharing her passion for ballet and all the knowledge and benefits gained through the art of dance.

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