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DanzArt, Where Art

meets Dance and Well-being.


About us

DanzArt Studio was born from a passion for teaching and sharing all the wonders and benefits of dance and aimed at offering a variety of ballet, ballet-based workouts and other dance and fitness programs for EVERYONE, no matter the age, skills, abilities or experience. DanzArt´s classes are ideal for beginners, former dancers wanting to return to their passion, those looking to use dance-based fitness as a way to achieve a healthy lifestyle or those simply willing to experience the joys of dance...

So far I've tried different types of exercise, but ballet is 2 in 1: therapy for body and soul.

-Atiđa Selmani (33), Croatia


In the very short period since his arrival at the studio, progress has been apparent. All of this would not be possible without professional guidance, a comfortable and warm positive atmosphere, and an international, non-competitive and stimulating environment, which all together makes every student feel like they are in a little real dance paradise!

-Ivana Bozanić, Ballet student, Croatia

It's amazing how these seemingly simple exercises that we perform in ballet classes get in shape, build muscle, increase concentration, and improve posture and mood.

-Maja Kušan (28), Croatia.

 Some words from the founder

“Since my early childhood, I have had the fortune and the privilege to learn and practice the amazing and challenging art of classical

ballet as well as the rewarding and magnificent experience of teaching ballet for more than 16 years now, which can be accounted

among the happiest and most gratifying ones in my life. More than a hobby, ballet has meant to be a gift, a blessing, a way of

understanding, and appreciating life.

My motivation for teaching comes from my personal experience of wanting to make a difference. Creating a sense of excitement about dance

is something that I am passionate about. I believe that learning about dance is crucial for young or older people, in addition to developing a

healthy lifestyle and unique behavior. Simply stated, dance embellishes our life and has the profound power to heal our body, psyche, and soul, because, as Martha Graham quoted, “…(it) is the hidden language of the soul" For some reason, yet in ancient times, Plato

and Aristotle assigned a central place to dance in educational theory, believing that dance contributes to aesthetic, moral, and

intellectual values, enhances physical adeptness and overall well-being, and is capable of producing refinement of the mind.

That is why I believe that anyone with the desire to dance, regardless of his or her age, skills, appearance, abilities, or disabilities,

deserves the possibility of experiencing the wonders of dancing to enrich life. And, knowing first-hand the goodness and benefits of

ballet practice, it is my dream to share and make the magic of dance accessible to everyone.

In DanzArt people of all ages and abilities are welcome to learn and practice ballet and other forms of dance in a positive and

an encouraging environment that instills in students a love and appreciation of the art of dance, as well as an enhanced sense of self-

worth and accomplishment”.

-  Irene Kuzatko  -


To ensure hands-on instruction and more personalized attention, the class size in some programs is limited to 10-12 students.


If you are still not sure which program would fit you best, you will have the chance to try out the first class on us, under the guidance of DanzArt's highly qualified and devoted staff of teachers.


+385 (0)91 2777 267       l

Ul. Pavla Hatza 12 (Kat I)
10000, Zagreb, Croatia


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